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In the age of new inventions and technological advances, the internet undeniably plays a significant role. All times are great - and often very risky - investments are now only listed oligarchs.
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Virtual shop


See how it looks store example  >> Demo

Welcome to our application

Virtual Shop top service allows to easily and quickly set up your own online store. With the templates provided by our applications, you will be able to set up shop 3D and to sell their products online. We also offer:

  • Laying the products on the shelves of the virtual store
  • The functionality of the virtual tours online store
  • Analysis of sales results from the positioning of products
  • Determination of the effective size of the stock of each product

How to start to create a virtual application shop?

If you're ready to start selling your products online with us, go to the registration of their activities  >> Create shop.

In order to work with our system you need to register your business, and then after making a payment, go to your admin panel (access panel you get in the mail). We support payment, in cooperation with the PayU thus make secure transactions on our account.

How does it work?

  1. To get started with the foundation of the store, you first need to add products, their photos, prices and information about the product, then select a place on the shelf, on which is placed the product and determine its number.
  2. As a result of purchases by customer service automatically analyzes the data and shows which products circulate more slowly than they should and recommends to change their position on the shelves, in order to stimulate sales.
  3. When your client will be interested in your product, hovers the mouse and add it to your cart. It will also be able to remove from cart products, which ultimately did not want to buy. After completion of the purchase the customer can refer to the checkout and pay for your purchases via an external payment system that should be hooked to your store.

What kind benefit have your customers?

  • Access your online products by which it faster and easier shopping
  • Information about products, prices, photos, range of attributes, description, availability, etc.
  • Contract, the date, the status of implementation of the product ordered, given discount, etc.

What gets your business?

  • Transparent administration panel, thanks to it, you can manage your platform stores, gain a lot of customers and make profits
  • Customer base, contact information, order history
  • The continuous contact with customers by sending offers to registered users
  • Announcing promotions and new products on the home page
  • The ability to sort products according to any criteria
  • Integration with automatic payment system
  • Integration with courier companies

What further?

  • We provide a fast and convenient way to organize your online store
  • Graphical solutions tailored to the requirements of banners rapidly growing Internet commerce
  • Consultancy in the field of e-commerce policy
  • Assistance in handling the store