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In the age of new inventions and technological advances, the internet undeniably plays a significant role. All times are great - and often very risky - investments are now only listed oligarchs.
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Terms of service

Using the web site constitutes acceptance of the following terms

I. General Provisions

1. The Regulations define the terms of use

1.1 Regulations laying down detailed rules for the use of the individual sites are presented by the Operator on the sides allow the use of these sites.
1.2 By using the Site you acknowledge that you have read these Terms and Conditions, and that it fully accepts and agrees to comply with its provisions.
2. Operatorem service is the company NETVENTURES Sp. with o.o with its registered office in Warsaw
3. As used herein shall have the following meanings:
Operator - means the company NetVentures Sp. with o.o .;
Terms of Use - means this document;
Service - means a structured information and information created and shared by the Operator on the Internet, allowing the use of a service consisting in the provision of data and content developed by the Operator and giving their input, available at, being information and service utility of a city;
User - a natural person using the Site, by withdrawing from it or placing the data contained therein;
Registered User - The user who registered on the Website, the User who runs a business can not use a profile created as a result of registration to conduct business or perform activities related thereto or to promote it;
The material - text, images, links (links) or any other data transmitted to the Website using the appropriate electronic procedures;
Comment - text, images, links (links) or any other data transmitted to the Website using the appropriate electronic procedures and marked as having been automatically placed in the place designated for this purpose by the Operator;
Information texts - text, images, links (links) or any other data submitted by you to the Site using the appropriate procedure for electronic and labeled to be published by the Operator in the designated box on the website, once they are accepting;
Entry - a set of information on the sites or services used in the service of usable parts;
Cookie - information stored by the server on your computer cookie.txt file that the server can read when you reconnect to your computer;
Minimum hardware requirements for using the Service are as follows: PC with a Pentium 200Mhz, 32MB memory, operating system and Web browser;
Web Browser - One of the following computer applications Mozilla Firefox 3.5.3 or higher, Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher, Opera 10.00 or higher, Safari 4.0.3 or higher, Chrome 3.0 or higher, or other compatible.
4. Use other than in the context of fair use is not permitted without the consent of all parties, the right to the elements of the Service, including without consent of the Operator. Operator reserves the right to refuse publication of certain materials on the Site, Comments, statements, posts, information or opinions Texts forum.
5. It is prohibited to transfer to the Site Materials, Comments, statements, posts, or posting information Texts opinion online forum available at our website containing illegal content, including violate the rights of third parties, in particular copyrights, or personal, or incompatible with morality. Detailed description released for publication of comments and administer rules in Rules of the Forum.
5.1 An operator or person authorized by him shall be without any obligation to state reasons remove from the Site Materials, Comments, Posts, Information texts or messages in an online forum available on the Website contrary to law, including that affecting the rights of third parties, or the Operator (in particular good personal, copyright, related rights, industrial property rights or otherwise), or contrary to the principles of social coexistence or morality. Information on such Materials, commentaries, statements, information or entries Texts online forum available on the Site should be reported to the Operator or by e-mail, to the address
5.2 Operator is not responsible for the content, in particular, compliance with the law, Materials, Comments, Quotes, Texts information or entries on the online forum available on the Site, published by Users.
6.Operator is not responsible for the accuracy and timeliness of published information, no responsibility is assumed for its possible use by users for specific actions.
7. Operator is not responsible for any consequences of using information obtained by you through the Site, in particular for the consequences taken by you on the basis of their decision.
8. In any case, in a situation in which a third party will ask the operator or his staff from claims arising from damage or violation of personal rights arising as a result published by the User on the Site information, pictures, etc., you will repair this person immediately all damage, including non-pecuniary, and release or provide an exemption from liability of the Operator with respect to that person. At the same time you will repair any damage to the Operator and will refund any expenses incurred in connection with the above described situations. These provisions shall apply mutatis mutandis to cases where the operator becomes the subject of criminal proceedings or administrative proceedings relating to the a / situations.

II. Users

1. When the Registration, the User declares that given his personal details are true.

2. By submitting material to the Service, Comments, Posts, Information texts or messages in an online forum available on the Website containing the image of the user, as well as making registration, you agree to the free dissemination and communication to the public by the Operator The image on the site www.wirtualne-shops. en, next to the name next to the User or Comments, Materials, Quotes, Texts information Entries or opinions on the forum is available on the Website, and by any person who has obtained from the Operator sublicense to the / elements, by any means and in any manner . In respect of the dissemination and sharing the Image You are not entitled to remuneration, and also guarantees you a free consent the above / in the range of persons other than the User occurring submitted by the User Materials, commentaries, statements, entries, Texts of information or opinions on the online forum available on the Website.
3. When the Registration, the User accepts these Terms and Conditions, and in particular its provisions governing a contractual relationship between you and the Operator and undertakes to comply with the law while using the Service, in particular to comply with the provisions of the Act Press Law and the Law on Copyright and related as well as the rights arising from the registration of patents, trademarks, industrial designs and other people, and to respect the personal rights of third parties and the Operator and respect for decency.
4. When completing the registration you may consent to the processing of personal data by the Operator made available in connection with the Registration for the purposes of advertising, promotion, for statistical and market research, as well as the behavior and preferences of users, and can also agree to receive commercial information on the terms described below.
5. When completing the registration you agree to receive the e-mail address provided during registration information materials prepared by the editors of the site. You may at any time opt out of receiving these messages.
6. In the event of reasonable doubt as to the veracity of the data provided by you at registration, the Operator reserves the right to limit the user the possibility to use the Service until it becomes probable by the user that gave it a real data. The operator will show you a way probable data via messages sent to the e-mail address provided by you during registration.
7. The Operator reserves the right to privilege some Members Registered with the Image via eg., Granting them a certain extent of freedom in editing and Posting of Materials on the Website.
8. Users can electronically transmit Operator informative texts which, once accepted by the Intermediary will be published on the site. Operator user sending information text at the same time declares, under penalty of damages that it enjoys exclusive rights to the submitted material, and that they consent to its publication on the site and provides royalty-free license in accordance with paragraph. V. You acknowledge and agree that sent his text information may be subject to minor editorial correction by service personnel, particularly in terms of design and change the title.
9. Published information text can bear the image of the user. On the basis agreed with the Operator information text can be signed pseudonym.
10. The relationship between the Operator and the User shall be governed by Polish law.
11. User perched on the Site any materials, Comments, Posts, Posts, Information texts or opinions on the online forum available on the Website declares that ensures that they are completely legal and do not violate them nor seek to breach, circumvent or attempt to circumvent
- Universally applicable local law or, in particular, will not result in damage or harm to any third parties or institutions;
- The provisions of these Regulations;
- Moral and ethical standards, good manners or customs - posting materials that do not meet w / in the premises is strictly prohibited.
You also agree that the guarantees that have the right to put the posted materials, Comments, Posts, Posts, Information texts or opinions of the Site that is only the author and producer, he moved to one of copyright or related rights to the song, and that their placement will not rise to the Operator of any claims by third parties or institutions, nor does it result in a breach by the Operator of the provisions of law and the rights of three or institution. If any of the statements described in the preceding sentences prove to be incorrect, incomplete or unreliable and because of this operator becomes the object of civil, criminal or administrative-or to the Operator of the relevant third party claims experience or institutions, the user immediately after it is informed by the Operator will Operator exempt from any liability for the relevant breach and repair Operator, third parties or institutions any damage suffered and all expenditures made in connection with such claims and proceedings.

III. Obligations of Members

1. Users are required to comply with the law while using the Service, in particular the provisions of the Press Law, the Civil Code and the Intellectual Property Rights, in particular the Law on Copyright and Related Rights.

1.2 It is prohibited to use the Service in a manner inconsistent with the decorum and in a manner contrary to the principles of social coexistence. Users may not provide illegal content. In the event of a violation, the user assumes full responsibility for the damage and harm.
2. The operator has the right to:
block the possibility of transferring to the Site Materials, Comments, statements, posts, information or opinions Texts online forum available on the Website for a period of up to 1 month, or deprived of use of the Website by deleting his account with the Service.

IV. Privacy and data protection

1. NetVentures Sp. with o.o with its registered office in Warsaw (hereinafter jakoNetVentures), the owner of the site (hereinafter referred to as service) has for its users great respect and attaches great importance to respecting the rights they are entitled to, with particular regard to the right to privacy. Therefore, regarding the users collect minimal information to help us better understand their needs and constantly adjust the service, its functionality and ergonomics to the ever changing expectations. Among other things, in this order to collect and process the necessary data, including the consent of the users personal data.

2. Your personal data will be processed in accordance with the Act of August 29, 1997. For the protection of personal data by NetVentures Sp. with o.o for the implementation and provision of services related to the use of the site in accordance with the rules for use by the Operator granted to him by the User a non-exclusive license and the broad purposes of marketing and promotion of goods and services NetVentures Sp. with o.o, including the organization of such activities. NetVentures Sp. with o.o indicates that the administrator of personal data within the meaning of / in the Act. The owner of personal data have the right to inspect their data in the seat NetVentures Sp. with o.o and correct them. Moreover, the owner of the personal data have the right at any time to object to the processing of his personal data, as well as to withdraw consent to the processing of your personal data or to require their deletion, but this will entail the necessity to terminate the contract's provision of services connecting with NetVentures Sp. o.o Due to safety considerations in all these cases the data owner must personally request the NetVentures Sp. with o.o in writing (at the address: NETVENTURES Sp. z oo with its registered seat in Warsaw). Data submission is voluntary, but necessary to use the Website.
The owner of personal data agrees that the Administrator of Personal Data may be subject to the provisions of law entrusted with the processing of his personal data to an external service provider, if it turns out that entrusting such is necessary for the proper performance of the contract with the owner of the personal data and only to the extent that is necessary to implementation of this agreement in accordance with the provisions of these Regulations. All personal data is encrypted and even if the intercept transmissions do not allow them to freely read by unauthorized persons. Any questions regarding privacy should be directed to the e-mail address: (
3. By registering on this website you agree to the processing and entrust the processing of your personal data in the field, as referred to in paragraph 2 above.
4. By registering on the site you can opt to receive by means of electronic communication, including the registration form provided in the e-mail address and / or phone numbers of commercial information NetVentures Sp. with o.o on products and services offered by NetVentures Sp. with o.o and, as well as products and services entities cooperating with NetVentures Sp. with o.o
5. Data collected automatically:
Subject to paragraph 7 below while using the Service may be automatically collected data concerning you visit in the form of an IP address, date and time of the visit, as well as data on the use of service, but the data is not linked to any data permitting the identification of the person's and can be used to analyze the behavior of users on the Site, to adapt the offer to the Service user, the formulation of demographic and behavioral analysis.
6. Use of data:
6.1 Personal data provided by you, in which processing has agreed, will be processed only to the extent and purpose of which included a consent.
6.2 Data collected automatically can be used to analyze user behavior on websites, or to gather demographic information about our users.
6.3 The data collected in the course of correspondence between you and the Operator / Administrator of the data will be used solely for the purpose of possibly correct, complete and efficient responses to the questions.

V. License

1. Placing the Service through dedicated functionality materials, articles, comments, posts, text messaging or statements and opinions, regardless of the make of Registration, the User authorizes the Operator to publish on the Website and other Web sites belonging to NETVENTURES limited liability company with its seat in Warsaw sent his materials, articles, comments, entries, text information or statements and opinions and to use these elements in the following fields of use (license):

- Production and reproduction by any technique copies of the work, including printing, reprographic, magnetic recording and digital technology,
- Marketing, lending or renting copies of the work,
- Any communication to the public, including the provision of:
- In such a way that everyone can have access to it at the time and place of their choice,
- On any media advertising to promote the Service,
- Through the issue on radio and television,
- Through the publication in the press,
- By displaying or publication on any internal or external media, in particular billboard or citylights,
- Using all the techniques and technology, including telecommunications, among others, GSM and UMTS technologies, in particular through SMS, IVR, WAP, MMS;
- Use in other works, including works of dramatic, musical and dramatic, choreographic, audiovisual or multimedia, as well as use as constituting the arrangement, the instrumentalisation of the work or adaptation to the needs of the new implementation.
2. The license is granted in respect of each song separately, upon his transfer to the Service.
3. The license is granted for an indefinite period.
4. The license is non-exclusive.
5. A license shall be granted free of charge.
6. The operator is entitled to sublicense according to his discretion.
7. If You raise legitimate concerns regarding violations by you of the copyright or of the press.
8. The operator may reasonably charge the cost of redress User.

VI. Final provisions

1. You have the right to preserve the contents of the Rules of Procedure by printing, saving to disk or other media at any time.

2. The operator reserves the right to unilaterally make changes to the records of the existing Rules.
3. Amendments to these Rules may be made by the Operator at any time and shall enter into force on the date of notification of these Rules of User by the publication of new content on the Site.
4. Regulations in force from the moment of its publication on the Website.
5. Upon request, including sent electronically, you or the person using the Service as owners of personal data processed by the Operator in connection with the provision of services referred to in the regulations, that person will be sent information regarding their protection or use of the Site in a manner anonymous.
6. The request referred to in paragraph. 5 should be sent to the address, including electronic, Operator. An operator shall without undue delay make available to the specified e-mail address information on any of the services anonymously or under a pseudonym provided by the Operator and technical measures to prevent the acquisition and modification by unauthorized personal data transmitted electronically, and the entity to which the operator or entrusted processing personal.
7. To the best knowledge of the Operator there are no specific risks associated with the use of the services provided electronically through the Service.
8. Complaints, comments and questions related to the functioning of the Service should be addressed to
9. Any routed to the Operator complaints regarding the content and operation of the Service shall be dealt with by the Operator immediately, if possible, not later than within 30 days. The outcome of the complaint procedure operator will notify the persons making the complaint electronically.

These Terms and Conditions is intended to provide a sense of security to each user's website