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In the age of new inventions and technological advances, the internet undeniably plays a significant role. All times are great - and often very risky - investments are now only listed oligarchs.
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Virtual Stores top service that allows quickly and easily set up your own online store in 3D. Our stores provide an innovative interface, mapping module traditional visit to the store. Use the online concept store, sell their products and easily gain potential customers. Save your time and check out what features you get in your store.



We are passionate about providing a simple and elegant solution for all

General Information

The company was founded in 2012. During this time we have worked on improving the site Virtual Shop, which allows to set up and design your own online store, using a predefined template. Cooperation with the best graphic artists and programmers allowed to create original quality 3D web page through which the user can access and manage your own menu. Wizard of Virtual Shops, enables the use of traditional shopping experience in the field of merchandising in online stores. As a company:

  • We are proud of our achievements and constantly trying to build our future
  • Do not rest on your laurels
  • Our daily challenge is to create such a brand that customers reach for her as happy
  • We are a Polish company, edifying success in Poland and abroad, thanks to the joint commitment

Our Mission

It contains the motto "inspire the world to create the present"

Our vision reflects our commitment to inspire customers by developing new opportunities and creating creative solutions. As part of this vision, we have developed three strategic directions of management:
  • Creativity
  • Cooperation
  • Talent

Net Ventures Sp. z o.o. with registered by the District Court for the Capital City Warsaw in Warsaw, XIII Commercial Division 0000415604th Company has NIP 5272675140, ID 146063065, registered capital of EUR 5 000,00 PLN - paid in full.